World War I

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World War I

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During the war, Pollock was appointed as Captain on the USS George Washington, a German cruise liner which was repossessed by the United States military for use as a transport ship. She was rechristened George Washington in September 1917 and Pollock was given her command on October 1, 1917. That December, she set out with her first load of troops. During the war, Pollock successfully transported 60,000 American soldiers to France in 18 round trips.[24] In 1918, the George Washington was tasked to deliver President Woodrow Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference, though Pollock would not make the trip. He was reassigned on September 29, 1918.[25]

While on board the George Washington, Pollock and Chaplain Paul F. Bloomhardt edited a daily newspaper. After the war, stories from the paper were assembled and published in 1919 by J. J. Little & Ives co. as Hatchet of the United States Ship "George Washington". A short review of the work by Outlook magazine called the book "readable" and "admirably illustrated". It "abounds in clever bits of fun, queer and notable incidents, and sound and patriotic editorials."[26] After the war, he was eventually reassigned to the battleship USS Oklahoma, to serve in the Pacific fleet.[24] On November 10, 1920, Pollock was awarded a Navy Cross for his services during the war

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