The Decentralized Approach to Waste Water Treatment

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The Decentralized Approach to Waste Water Treatment

Post by CourtneyKathryn on Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:11 pm

There have been a lot of community based initiatives to convert waste into resource by reusing and recycling by using less costly methodology. Waste water treatment is a less costly and sustainable initiative. It is believed that the decentralized initiatives assure easy maintenance, low cost and efficiency and has been successful with the active interest and participation of the community. These natural treatment plants continue to work even when there is no power supply. The principles and practices of bio-remediation are used in the waste water treatment technologies and they are hence sustainable and do not fail. The initiatives developed by the community are cost effective and provide benefits such as reduced use of manure, reduced use of fresh surface water and drawing of ground water, reduced pollution of rivers, recharge of rain water effluents when clean water joins the urban drains, production of biogas and manure and lower emissions. Skill labor is also not needed in these initiatives. The major requirement is space to set up the plant.
The other initiatives taken up the community using Decentralized approach for rural and urban services are rain- storm water management, pond clean up with remediation, solid waste management and ecological sanitation.
Rain storm water can be managed by using the old dug wells for rain water harvesting and recharging of groundwater. Due to depletion of ground water tables the village dug wells are dried up. Using these structures the rain water can be conveyed to the ground water.
Pond clean up with remediation is being done for enhancing rain water conveyance and the effluent streams from villages are remedied and allowed to enter the pond at downstream.
Solid waste management is executed by handling and safely disposing off all waste. The bio-wastes are composted to make manure while the non bio-wastes are recycled.
The apartments in Kerala have taken up many initiatives to execute the decentralized waste water treatment.


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