1.3 MK2 Golf Ryder

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1.3 MK2 Golf Ryder

Post by Chris on Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:50 pm

Hey peeps,
I've got a Mk2 Golf that i'm kind of desperate to sell, it's a non-runner and i'm open to almost any offers, i need to sell it as I need the money to get my Bay Window back on the road!
This is the original advert -

1.3 4+E gearbox 5 door with sunroof. Bought for one of my kids but as he now needs a major op he wont be driving for a while. Has just had a rebuilt head with new valve guides, skimmed and tested. New head gasket, thermostat and housing, plugs, leads, distributor cap, cam belt, new camshaft oil seal. Oil light flashes but I think this is down to an earth wire not being refitted. MOT until Mar 2012, Tax ran out Sep 2011. Overall good gondition, has few scrapes - worst one really is the n/s rear sill. Paint is a bit faded in these photos but has now had a polish and looks fairly decent. Interior is good in a sort of black/white check pattern and has cleaned up really well. NO radio or rear valance badges fitted. One of the sunroof clips for the black wind deflector is broken. Cheap enough at £500 or near offer even if it is just for the winter. I have probably forgotten something so pm me

Now, when i drove it home (from Plymouth to Newquay) it developed a fault, it wont idle or stay at low revs, i've taken the carb off as i found a ruined spring in the housing, I have a spare carb as well as the original to be put back on which i bought.
I'd love to keep it but i start a new job in February and with neither of my cars running I need to get one of them fixed ASAP.

I can take any pics as required, am after a fast sale really, don't forget she's not running although if you wanna come take a look or even fix it outside my house i don't care, i'm losing money with this sale I know but at the end of the day my Bay is more important!

She is Taxed and MOT'd!


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