Gavin the Beetle for sale

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Gavin the Beetle for sale

Post by mandi on Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:09 am

I still can't believe i am actually doing this but my beautiful beetle Gavin is up for sale Sad

I need to find my baby a new loving home with someone that can use him and enjoy him more than me.

Right the spec....

1972 tax exempt. Full resto body off pan back to bare metal resto finished in Aug 2010, Volksworld built at home car in December 2010 issue.

New floor pan, new carpets, new headlining, £1000's spent Mot'd last month went straight through. Day moldings wings... I'm sure there's lots more to say about the car but i'll get my partner to update this later :rolleyes: I can only think of the girlie pretty bits! oh he is lowered but i'm not sure by how much.

Photos here of the finished car

Photos here of the restoration with lots of updates along the way. I will say that these pictures are from the resto 20 months ago and he has got a wee little bit of surface rust to a small area on the bonnet, but i will get some more recent pictures on here soon, but these photos give you a good idea of the solid car that is for sale and the care that has been taken on him. Also the bumpers have gone a little surface rusty too but again i will get some recent pictures up soon of him.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me or my partner call James on 07595534381. I would say call me but i'll probably burst into tears so best call James :hug:

£3995 will except offers. Mandi xx

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