Which brakefluid?

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Which brakefluid?

Post by Dubby on Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:41 am

Heya thats Ash and Tobi from Germany!
hope your all fine and finally beeing able to enjoy the sun! :-)
we remembered this forum and thought to acctually start using it again
since we are trying to work along on our dub with our clever VW books which
sometimes tho have different opinions on pretty basic things.
Which brake fluid are you using?Is it now DOT3 or DOT4?
We used DOT3 last time (but saw that justkampers only sell dot 4). were gonne do an overhaul on all brakes again so probably
flush the whole system out as well and get new brakefluid in but just wanted to check were using the right brakefluid. also is it
SAE 80 hypoid for the gearbox oil?
thanks and hopefully get to see u all soon again.

Ash n Tobi


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