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Lots of Links...

Post by speedwell68 on Thu May 14, 2009 7:16 am

MOT Testing UK - This website was created to give information on all aspects of MOT testing. It has been designed to meet the needs of the general public and the motor vehicle industry. It is an absolute must if your are restoring an old volkswagen or your daily driver is coming up for that dreaded test.

Wildcamping for Motorhomes - This is a fantastic site for all you camper owners who prefer not to pay site fees. It lists loads of 'Wildcamping' sites, overnight stay car parks, lay bays, coastal and country locations on a county by county basis. They also list a number of European sites.

VWShows.info - The European aircooled VW calendar archive. A great site listing nearly all the VW shows in Europe. The are a massive number of show pictures in their archives.

The Old Volks Home - This is a really useful website. It gives some seriously useful information, in particular are the 'Distributor Info' pages, you can search out all the specification on all VW & Bosch distibutors used since the 1950's, whic is great for getting your engine tuned properly.

Richard Atwell's VW Bus Pages - These pages are aimed specifically at Baywindow buses built between 1968 & 1979. It contains loads of how tos, vendor information, technical info and a complete collection of original microfiches as used by VW in their main dealer parts departments.

Ploon's Aircooled VW Site - A great VW portal site run by Pim van Loon a Dutch VW enthusiast. There are literally hundreds of VW links going all over the world. It is probably on of the most comprehensive links sites on the net.

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