Invite to the MK Dubbers - Milton Keynes

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Invite to the MK Dubbers - Milton Keynes

Post by westy on Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:24 am

Hi guys its me John (formerly BayB Boomers) from Milton Keynes - Just wanted you to know that as you always make us and our friends feel so welcome and part of the family when we are down there - that we would like to return the compliment. I know Milton Keynes can not compete with Newquay, and we don't have a beach but there maybe the chance that you are passing through and just want to stop off for a drink and a chat - the offer's there. Alternatively why would any of you want to leave the paradise of Cornwall - so we can come to you via your PC's and Lap-top - please pop in it would be great for our fledgling club to benefit from your experience and friendship.

Many thanks
John, Monica & Kids
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