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plymouth 2012

Post by geldof on Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:49 am

heres the link to book your tickets people ....

Hi Jeff

Sorry for the delay day job getting in the way lol.

Below is your club link if you pass it on to the guys in your club they can book their own tickets! The one problem is I have no control or idea who books for your club although I will confirm with you if you want later the number you have booked!!

As always there will be club toilets available for you to book! At present they are at a subsidised price of £50 each (£80 to us) but as they are booked I will go away to the firm I am using and will try to haggle the price down and of course hand this on to those that have reserved them! So we can sort the payment out closer to the time. Let me know if you would like one reserving ?

Thanks For your Support



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